Thursday, May 31, 2007

My fingers have a mind of their own...

It's been awhile since I posted here. I've been busy, but I'm not sure at what. I've been reading other blogs and doing some thinking lately. And that takes some time anymore.

What I've been noticing is that so many crafters out there do those cute little stuffed animals that look like - well, no animal I've ever seen. And lots of fun totes that are just so simple! I look at the bags I make and wonder why I put so much effort into each one, when everyone else just whips them up and bingo they're done. I think I'm on the wrong track! Even the hand embroidery I do, I spend so much time - why do I do these things? I'm driven to it, is all I can figure out. Something within me will not let me stop, even if I wanted to stop. So, I sew, crochet, embroidery and anything else I can do that is creative. And I don't even consider myself really a creative person in the end. The young people out there these days are so talented, it makes me envious.

Why didn't I start all these fun things years and years ago? I was so busy with life - kids, business, etc. - I didn't stop to do the things that were boiling inside me to get free. So, if there is anything I could say to my grown kids and anyone out there it is this - JUST DO IT! Time will not stand still, the kids will not go hungry and the business will continue without you there every minute! I wish someone had said that to me about 30 years ago! All those things I was going to do someday have not been done yet and someday is HERE! So, at 60 I will do those things I've longed to do - crochet afghans all day, sew, hand embroidery little onesies and tshirts and blankets, read a book for hours on end sitting in the back yard while the birds sing. What fun is that to do what you love while there is still time!

Wow! Where did all that come from? My fingers just ran away from me. And while I'm at it, why can't they print those wonderful Japanese craft books in English? I know they know the language, because I see some of the words are not in Japanese. They could make a killing here in the USA if they would just translate their books! And I don't think I'll be able to learn Japanese in time to do the things in the books. Those Japanese are some crafty people, is all I can say! I'll just buy them anyway and follow their wonderful diagrams. Hey! Maybe they know what they're doing after all.

Well, the Annual Elvis Festival has begun here in Tupelo, MS. I would like to go tomorrow night because Taylor Hicks is the headliner at the nightly concert. But I will probably stay home and visit with my son and grandson, who will be staying the night with us. The Festival is a big draw here as Elvis was born here in Tupelo (if anyone doesn't know that by now). We get all kind of interesting people here who come just to see Elvis's first boyhood home.

I believe I'll get off of here and go to the living room and embroidery for awhile. I'm working on some blankets/quilts for babies using vintage embroidery transfers. I think they will turn out just fine.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Saturday at the 'bump

The Gum Tree Festival is going on here and it's a little slow at the shop today. Okay by me! Lori and I will go to the festival when I close at 300. I enjoy walking on the square and seeing all the artists.

These are samples of what I hand embroider onto t-shirts, onesies, etc. and sell at the shop. I just love all the vintage transfers, so I keep doing them whether they sell or not. It doesn't matter to me, because I get such a joy from the stitching. I've gotten some great old transfers from ebay. I remember my grandmother embroidering pillowcases when I was a little girl (that was about 102 years ago). She looked so serene, so I think that is why it brings a peace to me. Of course, I don't have to think about anything other than what I am doing at the time. I'll post some more when I finish the linen bubble and panties. I think they will be so cute.

Lori just came into the shop (it's her Saturday off) to make a bracelet for a customer. I believe I'll go to the back and watch her. Her jewelry is so pretty. AND I have another daughter who is very talented - Angela at Pink Present. She's the one who keeps me straight and up on all the latest "beat box" news. She has her own line of screen printed tees and does canvases and other painting. You can see her stuff on Etsy or her web site: I have been blessed by my children (and theirs).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bebop or Beatbox, it's all the same to me!

Well, I have been admonished by my eldest - it's not bebop! Okay, so I'm a little out of touch with the whole "beat box" thing. Who knew? Not me, for sure. So, sorry, Blake. I'll watch myself more closely when I comment on the American Idols. But Blake is still in the running, though I think he may go next week. That's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

It's Mother's Day weekend, so maybe we'll be slow Saturday and I can just do a little of nothing at sugarbump's. I'll probably work on some of my sewing that needs to get finished. I've got too many ideas and not enough time to get them finished. Does anybody have this problem? I always think I can do way more stuff than I really can! And I take home all kinds of things to do and never get half of it done. Today, I brought home some t-shirts, a few linen bubbles, and bloomers to do hand embroidery on. I love all those vintage transfers, and do a lot of that to sell at the shop.

Also, I'm crocheting on a little giraffe. My oldest granddaughter, Nicole, wants me to crochet her friend a purple goat! Well, I admit I have never crocheted a goat. But I found a pattern on ebay and bought it, so I guess I'll be doing that next. That's her to the left over there. She will be 13 next week. I just cannot believe she will be a teenager already! Has anyone crocheted a goat before? I'll put a pic up when I get it finished. Nicole wanted a pink giraffe, but it's aqua and red. I didn't have any pink thread I liked for it. Maybe she will be okay with this color.

I will be through with my afghan this weekend, probably. I have not been working on it at all, or I would have been done a long time ago. I really like this afghan, and I haven't made one in such a long time. I've been busy crocheting little caps for kids, scarves, things like that. I get a satisfaction out of doing things for children, rather than for adults. You know, I could be crocheting right now if I wasn't on this computer! So, I am getting off of here now.

Have a happy Mother's Day! I plan on resting a lot, and cooking out on Sunday afternoon after church. (My Robert will be cooking out, that is.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm hiring a bulldozer!

Thirty-eight years ago yesterday I gave birth to a bouncing boy! My second child! He was so cute and chubby, unlike his older sister. Now she was cute - the cutest baby I've ever seen! But she was not so chubby until 4 months of age. They both have made me very proud to be a mom, as have my next two born 2 and 8 years later! Angela, Buster, Terri, and Lori. Without them I would not celebrate Mother's Day, so I say thank you to all four.

I'm going to finish my afghan this week. I'll post a pic when it is finished, if I can find my camera! It's somewhere around the house, I'm sure, or at the shop. I will be so glad to get rid of all my clutter in this house! I've often thought of bulldozing everything out and starting over.

I think of my Mother when those thoughts invade my head. One year she kept telling me she wished she could just bring in the water hose and hose everything down to get the house really clean (she was a clean freak like you wouldn't believe!). Well, low and behold, one day I go over and the windows are all open, the water hose is snaked into the dining room, into the bathroom, through the window, and Mama is spraying down the walls! I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, the water collected in the carpet in the dining room. What did she do? Well, someone told her baking soda would soak up the water, so she bought I don't know how much baking soda and put it all around the dining room. Daddy replaced the carpet the next week! Don't try baking soda on carpet, you'll be disappointed with the results!

Tonight is elimination night on Idol. I believe Blake needs to go home. I'm really tired of the bebop sounds. I know - he's cute and young. But he'll have a good career without Idol. I'm still torn between Melinda and Jordin.

So much for all this, I'll go do something constructive and make myself feel better. Or maybe not.

My little hubby's out mowing the dried up lawn. Where is the rain we are supposed to get? My yard it crying out! And it's just so large, it's hard to water the whole thing. It's probably waiting for me to have a day off, then it will come a flood.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Miles and Miles To Go . . .

Wow! It's Wednesday evening already, and I just finished watching "Idol". I will hate for it to end, but I WILL get so much more done when it is over, so it's kind of bitter/sweet. Evenings are when I can do things like crochet (though I do that watching Idol), sew a little, read my magazines (which I have too many of), and get on the computer a little while. I have so much I want to get done for the shop, that my mind gets bogged down. I need a brain transfusion.

You know, I was thinking today how my life has transpired. It just seems like yesterday I was a young mother with all the time in the world to do all I wanted to achieve. Now, I look back and wonder where all the time went. I have accomplished a lot, I know, but more of what I wanted to do has not been done. I guess that's the way it goes for most people. We think time goes on forever, and it does, just not with us here in this world. I feel like I did years ago, then I look in the mirror and question where that woman came from, and why is she pretending to be me. Life has a way of just keeping on after all is said and done, and that's what I'll do, just keep on keeping on. I do find myself trying to clear out the clutter in my life, looking for that perfect serene place. With everything I clear out, I feel a little lighter.

I believe I'll end this tonight and get ready for bed. Another day awaits me and I have miles and miles to go.