Friday, May 11, 2007

Bebop or Beatbox, it's all the same to me!

Well, I have been admonished by my eldest - it's not bebop! Okay, so I'm a little out of touch with the whole "beat box" thing. Who knew? Not me, for sure. So, sorry, Blake. I'll watch myself more closely when I comment on the American Idols. But Blake is still in the running, though I think he may go next week. That's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

It's Mother's Day weekend, so maybe we'll be slow Saturday and I can just do a little of nothing at sugarbump's. I'll probably work on some of my sewing that needs to get finished. I've got too many ideas and not enough time to get them finished. Does anybody have this problem? I always think I can do way more stuff than I really can! And I take home all kinds of things to do and never get half of it done. Today, I brought home some t-shirts, a few linen bubbles, and bloomers to do hand embroidery on. I love all those vintage transfers, and do a lot of that to sell at the shop.

Also, I'm crocheting on a little giraffe. My oldest granddaughter, Nicole, wants me to crochet her friend a purple goat! Well, I admit I have never crocheted a goat. But I found a pattern on ebay and bought it, so I guess I'll be doing that next. That's her to the left over there. She will be 13 next week. I just cannot believe she will be a teenager already! Has anyone crocheted a goat before? I'll put a pic up when I get it finished. Nicole wanted a pink giraffe, but it's aqua and red. I didn't have any pink thread I liked for it. Maybe she will be okay with this color.

I will be through with my afghan this weekend, probably. I have not been working on it at all, or I would have been done a long time ago. I really like this afghan, and I haven't made one in such a long time. I've been busy crocheting little caps for kids, scarves, things like that. I get a satisfaction out of doing things for children, rather than for adults. You know, I could be crocheting right now if I wasn't on this computer! So, I am getting off of here now.

Have a happy Mother's Day! I plan on resting a lot, and cooking out on Sunday afternoon after church. (My Robert will be cooking out, that is.)


pinkpresent said...

i love you ,momma...but i prefer to be referred to as your "oldest" daughter, rather than your "eldest" ---

pinkpresent said...

hey momma---the way you made nik's pic look, makes it look like a tribute or memorial photo---kind of like she's dead and we are comemm...commemer..commemor...remembering the day she died. just sayin' know at first glance. but what do i know...

Anonymous said...

hey my fav. mamaw this is your fav. granddaughter niki just wanted to say hey oh thats a buetiful (<- that is totally spelt wrong!!) picture of me haha oh and you can tell aunt angela thanks for saing i look dead i would have never thought of that!! (= see you friday i love you so much
•love niki•