Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm hiring a bulldozer!

Thirty-eight years ago yesterday I gave birth to a bouncing boy! My second child! He was so cute and chubby, unlike his older sister. Now she was cute - the cutest baby I've ever seen! But she was not so chubby until 4 months of age. They both have made me very proud to be a mom, as have my next two born 2 and 8 years later! Angela, Buster, Terri, and Lori. Without them I would not celebrate Mother's Day, so I say thank you to all four.

I'm going to finish my afghan this week. I'll post a pic when it is finished, if I can find my camera! It's somewhere around the house, I'm sure, or at the shop. I will be so glad to get rid of all my clutter in this house! I've often thought of bulldozing everything out and starting over.

I think of my Mother when those thoughts invade my head. One year she kept telling me she wished she could just bring in the water hose and hose everything down to get the house really clean (she was a clean freak like you wouldn't believe!). Well, low and behold, one day I go over and the windows are all open, the water hose is snaked into the dining room, into the bathroom, through the window, and Mama is spraying down the walls! I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, the water collected in the carpet in the dining room. What did she do? Well, someone told her baking soda would soak up the water, so she bought I don't know how much baking soda and put it all around the dining room. Daddy replaced the carpet the next week! Don't try baking soda on carpet, you'll be disappointed with the results!

Tonight is elimination night on Idol. I believe Blake needs to go home. I'm really tired of the bebop sounds. I know - he's cute and young. But he'll have a good career without Idol. I'm still torn between Melinda and Jordin.

So much for all this, I'll go do something constructive and make myself feel better. Or maybe not.

My little hubby's out mowing the dried up lawn. Where is the rain we are supposed to get? My yard it crying out! And it's just so large, it's hard to water the whole thing. It's probably waiting for me to have a day off, then it will come a flood.

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