Sunday, June 17, 2007

And That's No Bull

Not much to talk about but I wanted to share a picture. We got free advertising last week with this.... That's our shop with the flowers on the window. A bull calf got loose downtown Tupelo and he moseyed on down to the sugarbump's. You should have seen the 5 police cars chasing him. So the picture ended up on the front page of the local paper. This is the second time we have gotten free advertising. The first time was during katrina. The winds came through here and blew off part of our roof and we ended up on television news. In fact, that's how I found out about it - I was watching the weather when there we were!

I don't know what was funnier - the cars chasing him or the policemen chasing him of foot (about 10 of them). Just another day at sugarbump's.

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