Monday, August 27, 2007

Bodock - too hot to handle!

I've been silent for a while, due to lack of thoughts. I have been sewing a lot lately, however. I'm trying to get ready for the Pontotoc Bodock Festival this weekend. I've been sewing little pants for boys and girls, bibs, pacifier holders, onesies and tees appliqued. It is really going to HOT Friday and Saturday. I think it's supposed to be about 102 degrees Friday and maybe 99 degrees Saturday. Thank goodness for one cool day!
Got to run to the back of the shop and continue to monogram.
Well, This is after the Bodock Festival and I had to pack it up early due to heat! I'm not kidding the heat just about took me away. My son-in-law came and got me and saved the day. That is the LAST festival I'll do, period. Why would anyone in their right mind have a festival in Mississippi during the hottest month of the year? Lesson learned.
It's Monday and sugarbump's is closed, so I'll get some things done around home. At least I have lots of things made for the shop, now.