Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back again

It's been so long since I posted to this blog, but life has been pretty crazy for me for the last 10 months. My son - how can I put this - had an "accident" and was in the hospital for the month of December, then he was sent to a neurological center for treatment in Arkansas for 6 months. He has brain damage - permanent. It is so sad for our family. We can not understand how something like this can happen. He is 39 and has a son who is 10. I know it is hard for Chase because his dad is just not the dad he had 10 months ago. But we are living with this day by day and living for the moment. He gets around fine, walks, talks, eats, but has to be reminded to do everything.
His memory is totally gone, though he remembers us and friends if they are in front of him. Basically, he is on the couch watching tv everyday. We finally found a doctor here that is willing to treat him in some way. It is just all so experimental with anoxic brain injury. All oxygen was cut off to his brain and we don't know how long. Makes it tough. He will never live on his own or work. He has no short term memory to speak of. Just remember us in your prayers - but especially Buster - prayers are what have gotten us this far.

On to better and less depressing things. I have been sewing a lot lately, making bibs, doing a lot of hand embroidery, etc. for sugarbump's, our children's and monogramming boutique. Christmas open house is November 6, so we are desperately trying to keep up! This is one pic of our new shop. We moved here July 1 and absolutely love it. Here is another pic.

Here are some pics of things we make in the shop. Bibs with vintage hand embroidery.
We also do cute little pants and tops with appliques and appliqued name t-shirts and onesies.
I didn't get this posted on the day I started, so Christmas Open House has come and gone now. It was crazy and wonderful at the same time. But I'm glad to get back to the regular routine in the shop. Lots of things to do and make, lots of monogramming!

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