Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homecoming Queen

My husband and I attended my granddaughter's homecoming. She was crowned homecoming queen, which made us very proud. She just turned 14 this month and will be at the high school next year. Where did all the time go? She and her sister are our first two grandchildren. Her sister is 18 months older than her and is just as beautiful. All my grandchildren are beautiful, but I'm not prejudice.

Seems like yesterday they were babies and needing us so much. Now, they're young ladies, learning all sorts of things, and growing up so beautifully. I enjoy them coming over to visit. Saturday we had 4 granddaughters over for the night. Papaw made a campfire out by the edge of the woods, and the girls roasted wieners and marshmallows. They were eaten as soon as they were cooked. You know, kids have a large appetite. Bella, the youngest grandchild - 4 - ate all night, well at least until 10:00 when we said no more. They all fell into bed about 11:30 and slept soundly all night! Breakfast was exciting, everyone wanted something different. So I cooked biscuits, pancakes, bacon and eggs. All was eaten.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Found My Tail

This year I turned 63 and for 43 years I have been chasing my tail. I think maybe this year I have finally found it - or what's left of it. I'm not kidding when I say that it seems as though I've done nothing but try to be someone that others would like. Now, I still want people to like me, and I'm not really a mean person anyway, but I just feel that it's time for me to let go of some things. I'm closing my shop this year that I've owned with one of my daughters. At first it was just devastating for me to close, but I thought about it and I think it's more ego than anything. I'm beginning to like the idea of going home, doing some things I've wanted to do for such a long time.

I believe I'll continue my blog, but try to be more me on here. You know, how sometimes you are writing, and it just doesn't seem to be the real you? I don't think I'm making things up, but I do wish I could be more honest with myself. This will be a sewing blog, a creations blog, a journal blog, a whatever blog I want it to be. Probably no one reads it anyway, so I might as well put into it what I want to put into it. Make sense? Oh, well, it does to me. I wish I didn't start lots of things then not finish them, or think I can do lots more than I really can. I've got to let go of some of that. That's hard to do, though. So, I'm starting my New Year's resolutions early this year. Maybe I can actually stick to some of them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday is my Monday

My shop is closed on Monday, so today is my Monday. Sugarbump's has been opened 4 1/2 years and we may close this year due to the economy. I am struggling over this, as I love my shop, but at almost 63 I would really love to be at home to do some of the things I really enjoy. Sew, crochet, embroider, read. I would still do monogramming from my home. I really wish the economy would pick up, then I would not have tomake this decision. My daughter nominated us on the site as a small business that makes a difference. And we are in the running. But it could come too late. Or it could not come at all. Life is tricky sometimes. And somedays it feels like Monday all over again.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday dinner at the zoo and other things

It's Sunday and the sun is shining, something I haven't seen too much of lately here in Mississippi. My family will be over for dinner today, so I must get to the kitchen. I love to cook for my family because they always seem to love all I cook. So my day will probably be very full of laughing and lots of talking all at the same time. When we all get together it's like a zoo. The Palmertree Zoo.

I will sew sometime today, probably later in the evening. Making appliqued onesies and tees for little ones. Also, applique on bibs. I love applique and I'm doing some for adults, as well. I sell them at my shop, sugarbump's, in Tupelo.

I have been looking at old photos lately and scanning them to save on cd. I'll share a few here with you.

I must say we were quite a pitiful bunch, but we cleaned up very well. Old pictures bring back lots of memories. My mom and dad were such beautiful people. That's mama and me there on the left. And daddy with our boxer.
Isn't daddy handsome? I miss him and mama.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day after Independence Day

Yesterday was July Fourth, as I suppose most everyone in the US knows. So we know what was going on that particular day. I wonder what people were doing the next day. Did they go about their business as if they were always free, did they get it? Do we? Today, the day after Independence Day, do we still thank God for the freedom we have? Do we realize what a great country we live in today, even with all the flaws we have? After all, today I can write this freely, I can salute the flag with pride and know that it's there because of those who came before me. So, today I just wanted to say Happy after Independence Day! Let freedom ring.

Now, what have I been doing since my last post, which was quite a while ago. Well, I've been working at sugarbump's, my daughter and I both hoping the economy will get better. New things have been added at our little shop. Among them some items we have made ourselves. I'm doing appliqued shirts for adults as well as for children. So far I've done a cross, peace sign, fleur-de-lis, and the words peace and love. I really like the fleur-de-lis. And the shirts with peace and love are so cute. I think anyone could wear them. The colors I have right now are white, brown, turquoise, fuschia and lime wedge. The shirts are a fitted, cap-sleeve. My favorites are love and peace.

My daughter Lori is making hand-stamped jewelry, and taking orders at the shop. We have a facebook page: sugarbumps. If you are on facebook you can find us there or our website: I enjoy doing applique so much, and I do appliqued name shirts for children at the shop. They are very popular, and we get many orders for them.
Going to sign off for now. Hope to get back to this blog sooner next time. Summer time in Mississippi is HOT, so I'll be inside more or in the pool.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

you should have seen it in color

I've been going through photos lately and wanted to post them on my blog. This first picture is of my mom and me. That's my brother to the side over there. This is in the Mississippi Delta, where I was born. Must have been a Sunday, but I'm not sure. My mama was such a pretty lady. I never realized how young she was in all of these pictures. You don't think about those things when you are young like that. Everybody is old. This was at my Mamaw's house in Clarksdale. We were there a lot. Mamaw took care of all her grandchildren while the women worked. No such thing as daycare in those days.

And this is my Mamaw on the right. Such a sweet, kind lady.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

It's Monday, which means that my shop is closed and I'm home. After straightening up the house a little, I'll be headed to the sewing room. Ready to get appliques done for onesies and t-shirts that we will be designing and selling at sugarbumps, my children's boutique. Well, not just mine - my youngest daughter, Lori, is my partner. She is so good to work with. I am excited to do these appliques. So many ideas. Wish I had started all of this at a younger age so I would have more years to play with what I love to do - sew.
This is my new machine - Viking Sapphire 830. I love it. I have other machines that do embroidery as well, but I just wanted a good machine to sew and of course with a few other bells and whistles. I gave my Brother 8500 to my daughter, Angela. My other machine is also a Viking. I keep it at work. So now I have two Viking machines - great machines. I am partial to my Viking Rose, though. I also have my mother's machine - a Singer from the 60's, but a good machine.
I better get up from here and get to work if I'm going to accomplish anything in the sewing room today.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

vintage embroidery

I love all vintage embroidery transfers, and I am constantly embroidering something, when I'm not sewing. Right now I'm getting ready to make my kitchen curtains. I am embroidering Vogart's rock n roll vegetables on the main part of the curtains and putting bands of colored linens towels as a frame. I've got red and golden yellow, so I think I'll use both. I'm going to be redoing my kitchen in butter yellow, red and either turquoise or green. Can't decide on the last color.

Here are some pics of the embroidery I do. I make a lot of bibs for my shop, onesies, and t-shirts. Made a quilt for a young lady, doing 9 blocks of vintage embroidery. I am working on another one for her, as she is expecting in June. Both quilts are baby quilts, using vintage reproduction fabrice. Really sweet. I'll have to get on my other computere to post more pics, as I forgot they are on it not this one. Sorry.

This is the latest creation I have done for the shop. I love the way it turned out. I used Sandi Henderson's patterns, Portabellopixie ruffled pants and I think Claire.
Today is Easter and I have family coming over this evening. So I must go get the house together and begin cooking. I will post some more pics later today.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

eye am not too crazy about tomorrow

Okay, so tomorrow morning I have to be at the eye doctor for tests from some retina doctors from Memphis. Seems I may have to have some laser surgery to weld the retina. Sounds like construction to me. But if it saves my eyesight, I'm all for it. Everything I do depends on my sight. I've often wondered about what I'd do if anything ever happened to my sight. I would miss seeing the faces of my children and grandchildren the most. I think everything will be okay, and it's really not in my hands anyway. So, anybody out there who reads this - please pray for those doctors - I want them to have steady hands.

Back to sewing for a while before bed. Working on the dresses for the shop. I will post some pics as soon as I am finished with them. Then on to the next project.

I have got to get back to the baby quilt I'm doing for a baby girl. It is hand embroidered on each block, using vintage transfers. I made one for a lady's daughter and now that daughter is having another girl, and she wants another one. I just found out today the sex of the baby. It's not due until June, so I have plenty of time. I have already started on the embroidery, in hopes that it would be a girl. I have already done one for a boy, so I'll probably put it into the shop to sell.
Night, Night.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

superbowl sunday

Well, today is SuperBowl, and I fixed my chili for us to eat on. Husband is watching the tv and I'm going to sew for a while. I've got some ideas for projects for our shop, and I want to get started.
Tomorrow Lori and I have an appointment with one of our sales rep for ordering fall and winter clothing. We are trying to keep our ordering down this year, but it is so hard to judge what going to transpire with the economy and the new ruling from CPSIA. But we will plug through and make it another year. This year we will be opened 4 years. I just can't believe we have had our little boutique that long.
Signing off for now - the sewing machine calls.

Monday, January 26, 2009

sewing lessons

Today is Monday, my sewing day with Lori. She finished the dress for Julia Grace. She just needs to become relaxed with the machine. I think she is afraid she will make a mistake. I wish I had a nickel for every mistake I've made! That's what they make seam rippers for. Not much going on here in Tupelo. I am working on a bag for myself - it's more of a big tote for whatever I want it for. I saw one in a shop here and it was $60. Of course, I will never pay that for something I can make. It is basically a big cotton bag with ruffles on it. I used vintagey looking fabric in 4 different patterns and colors. I really like it and I am almost through with it. I'll post a pic later when it is complete.

Making lots of pillowcase dresses for the shop. I don't know if I've already mentioned it, but we moved our shop one last time. The next move I make will be to heaven. But we are in a much nicer location, one that is more accessible to the customer, and there are several boutiques in the shopping center with us. It has improved our walk-in
traffic tremendously. We are down in sales this month - as all shops are right now. I expect to see an upward trend by March and even better in April. We are already getting Spring product in and I love it. Cold is not for me. To the left is a picture of the outside at Christmas.

Here are some pictures from Christmas. The picture to the left are my 5 granddaughters. Aren't they pretty? I could just squeeze them, they're so cute.
And to the right in the 1st picture is Angela, Nicole and Lori. The other is my grandson, Chase. He is so cute, isn't he?
Hubby is back from giving blood. He looks the same, so I guess he didn't give too much. He's already gotten his 3 gallon pin. Three gallons of blood! Think about that.
I made a baby quilt before Christmas and sold it to a family for their daughter. It had 9 blocks in it, all hand embroidered with vintage children's designs. I enjoyed doing it so much. I have one ready to put together for a boy and I am working on another girl one. If noone wants to buy them, it's okay with me. I'll just save them for a great-grandchild someday. Yes, I plan on being around to see them. I have to live quite a long time, as I have so many things to accomplish.
I'm going back to my sewing, now. Happy January and here's hoping Spring gets here very soon.