Monday, January 26, 2009

sewing lessons

Today is Monday, my sewing day with Lori. She finished the dress for Julia Grace. She just needs to become relaxed with the machine. I think she is afraid she will make a mistake. I wish I had a nickel for every mistake I've made! That's what they make seam rippers for. Not much going on here in Tupelo. I am working on a bag for myself - it's more of a big tote for whatever I want it for. I saw one in a shop here and it was $60. Of course, I will never pay that for something I can make. It is basically a big cotton bag with ruffles on it. I used vintagey looking fabric in 4 different patterns and colors. I really like it and I am almost through with it. I'll post a pic later when it is complete.

Making lots of pillowcase dresses for the shop. I don't know if I've already mentioned it, but we moved our shop one last time. The next move I make will be to heaven. But we are in a much nicer location, one that is more accessible to the customer, and there are several boutiques in the shopping center with us. It has improved our walk-in
traffic tremendously. We are down in sales this month - as all shops are right now. I expect to see an upward trend by March and even better in April. We are already getting Spring product in and I love it. Cold is not for me. To the left is a picture of the outside at Christmas.

Here are some pictures from Christmas. The picture to the left are my 5 granddaughters. Aren't they pretty? I could just squeeze them, they're so cute.
And to the right in the 1st picture is Angela, Nicole and Lori. The other is my grandson, Chase. He is so cute, isn't he?
Hubby is back from giving blood. He looks the same, so I guess he didn't give too much. He's already gotten his 3 gallon pin. Three gallons of blood! Think about that.
I made a baby quilt before Christmas and sold it to a family for their daughter. It had 9 blocks in it, all hand embroidered with vintage children's designs. I enjoyed doing it so much. I have one ready to put together for a boy and I am working on another girl one. If noone wants to buy them, it's okay with me. I'll just save them for a great-grandchild someday. Yes, I plan on being around to see them. I have to live quite a long time, as I have so many things to accomplish.
I'm going back to my sewing, now. Happy January and here's hoping Spring gets here very soon.