Tuesday, February 3, 2009

eye am not too crazy about tomorrow

Okay, so tomorrow morning I have to be at the eye doctor for tests from some retina doctors from Memphis. Seems I may have to have some laser surgery to weld the retina. Sounds like construction to me. But if it saves my eyesight, I'm all for it. Everything I do depends on my sight. I've often wondered about what I'd do if anything ever happened to my sight. I would miss seeing the faces of my children and grandchildren the most. I think everything will be okay, and it's really not in my hands anyway. So, anybody out there who reads this - please pray for those doctors - I want them to have steady hands.

Back to sewing for a while before bed. Working on the dresses for the shop. I will post some pics as soon as I am finished with them. Then on to the next project.

I have got to get back to the baby quilt I'm doing for a baby girl. It is hand embroidered on each block, using vintage transfers. I made one for a lady's daughter and now that daughter is having another girl, and she wants another one. I just found out today the sex of the baby. It's not due until June, so I have plenty of time. I have already started on the embroidery, in hopes that it would be a girl. I have already done one for a boy, so I'll probably put it into the shop to sell.
Night, Night.

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