Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

It's Monday, which means that my shop is closed and I'm home. After straightening up the house a little, I'll be headed to the sewing room. Ready to get appliques done for onesies and t-shirts that we will be designing and selling at sugarbumps, my children's boutique. Well, not just mine - my youngest daughter, Lori, is my partner. She is so good to work with. I am excited to do these appliques. So many ideas. Wish I had started all of this at a younger age so I would have more years to play with what I love to do - sew.
This is my new machine - Viking Sapphire 830. I love it. I have other machines that do embroidery as well, but I just wanted a good machine to sew and of course with a few other bells and whistles. I gave my Brother 8500 to my daughter, Angela. My other machine is also a Viking. I keep it at work. So now I have two Viking machines - great machines. I am partial to my Viking Rose, though. I also have my mother's machine - a Singer from the 60's, but a good machine.
I better get up from here and get to work if I'm going to accomplish anything in the sewing room today.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

vintage embroidery

I love all vintage embroidery transfers, and I am constantly embroidering something, when I'm not sewing. Right now I'm getting ready to make my kitchen curtains. I am embroidering Vogart's rock n roll vegetables on the main part of the curtains and putting bands of colored linens towels as a frame. I've got red and golden yellow, so I think I'll use both. I'm going to be redoing my kitchen in butter yellow, red and either turquoise or green. Can't decide on the last color.

Here are some pics of the embroidery I do. I make a lot of bibs for my shop, onesies, and t-shirts. Made a quilt for a young lady, doing 9 blocks of vintage embroidery. I am working on another one for her, as she is expecting in June. Both quilts are baby quilts, using vintage reproduction fabrice. Really sweet. I'll have to get on my other computere to post more pics, as I forgot they are on it not this one. Sorry.

This is the latest creation I have done for the shop. I love the way it turned out. I used Sandi Henderson's patterns, Portabellopixie ruffled pants and I think Claire.
Today is Easter and I have family coming over this evening. So I must go get the house together and begin cooking. I will post some more pics later today.