Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

It's Monday, which means that my shop is closed and I'm home. After straightening up the house a little, I'll be headed to the sewing room. Ready to get appliques done for onesies and t-shirts that we will be designing and selling at sugarbumps, my children's boutique. Well, not just mine - my youngest daughter, Lori, is my partner. She is so good to work with. I am excited to do these appliques. So many ideas. Wish I had started all of this at a younger age so I would have more years to play with what I love to do - sew.
This is my new machine - Viking Sapphire 830. I love it. I have other machines that do embroidery as well, but I just wanted a good machine to sew and of course with a few other bells and whistles. I gave my Brother 8500 to my daughter, Angela. My other machine is also a Viking. I keep it at work. So now I have two Viking machines - great machines. I am partial to my Viking Rose, though. I also have my mother's machine - a Singer from the 60's, but a good machine.
I better get up from here and get to work if I'm going to accomplish anything in the sewing room today.

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