Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday dinner at the zoo and other things

It's Sunday and the sun is shining, something I haven't seen too much of lately here in Mississippi. My family will be over for dinner today, so I must get to the kitchen. I love to cook for my family because they always seem to love all I cook. So my day will probably be very full of laughing and lots of talking all at the same time. When we all get together it's like a zoo. The Palmertree Zoo.

I will sew sometime today, probably later in the evening. Making appliqued onesies and tees for little ones. Also, applique on bibs. I love applique and I'm doing some for adults, as well. I sell them at my shop, sugarbump's, in Tupelo.

I have been looking at old photos lately and scanning them to save on cd. I'll share a few here with you.

I must say we were quite a pitiful bunch, but we cleaned up very well. Old pictures bring back lots of memories. My mom and dad were such beautiful people. That's mama and me there on the left. And daddy with our boxer.
Isn't daddy handsome? I miss him and mama.

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