Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Artwork at Sugarbump's

We have added new artwork from one our local artists, Tracy Robison, in the shop. I love everything she does. Her work is very whimsical, and she is a very talented lady. I'm putting a few of her pictures here so you can see how cute it all is. She is on Facebook, if anyone wants to check her out. Also, I believe she is setting up an Etsy Shop. She is Theartgirl2 on Etsy. I am taking in work from local craftspeople now, and I love to see how talented so many people are. I was planning on shutting down my shop, but right now I am still going. Not sure how much longer, only time will tell.
I have been working on some appliques here lately and thought I'd share a few with you. I do love appliques. These are for children, but I plan on doing some for adults, also. I love owls and this one I thought turned out pretty cute. Below is a rocket I did for the same little boy.