Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Will Dance

Yesterday morning I was awakened with a phone call from my sister-in-law. My baby brother, Jamie, had been killed in a car crash. How can I explain the depth of my sadness? I am 12 years older than he and growing up he was like my little baby. Where I went, he went. I would hold him in my arms and dance for hours, then when he was a little older, he would stand on my feet and we would dance and laugh the time away. I pray he has found peace now, as his last years have been painful - for him and his family. He was a kind, loving, giving human being, who loved life. He has two beautiful, wonderful sons, Steven and Justin. They will have to live their lives without their father. He was 51. Justin is 28, Steven, 18.

I will see him again one day and he will stand on my feet and we will dance.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung, The Grass Is Riz, I Wonder Where Them Waspies Is

Monday, Monday.....gray day today! I'm stilll looking for the sun, but it just comes out for a day then leaves. What's with that? Mississippi weather is so unpredictable, you never know whether to wear a sweater or flip flops. I think I'll wear flip flops and carry a sweater in the car, that way I'll be prepared.

April 10 in Tupelo we will have our very first hot air balloon festival. I can't wait to see the balloons. I'll take lots of pictures, but you will not catch me in one of those things. God gave me feet to walk the earth, not wings to fly. I will have a booth there with my little handmade items and some things from my shop, as well. My daughter will have a booth beside me - bigcountry tees. We are excited about this festival. We love festivals in Mississippi. Just think of something - we'll make a festival for it. I'm not kidding either.

In June I'll be going to Mississippi Market to show my wares. It is a wholesale show for buyers only. Just like going to market, except I'm behind the booth instead in front. Hope all works out well. Again, I am excited about this. My daughter will be there also, along with my good friend and her daughter, who makes all that cute artwork in my shop.

How many of you out there are looking forward to spring? I am not a winter person for sure. I would rather take clothes off than put on layers of clothes. I enjoy making spring clothing for children and summery tops and skirts. All the bright colors of the season makes me happy. I've been sewing today. Well, not really sewing clothing, getting appliqued name shirts done for customers. Five down, about 16 to go. I'm always doing appliqued name shirts. Every child in Tupelo must have one.

I do enjoy making them though. I'll be doing some appliqued items for the festival and for Mississippi Market. Owls, birds, squirrels, flowers, peace sign, things like that. Also, appliqued letters on shower wraps, I think, if I can find the blank shower wraps. I just don't want to make them, just embellish them with fabric and applique.

Actually, the grass has not "riz" yet, I'm just anxious for it to make an appearance, then I'll know for sure that Spring has Sprung.