Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter To 12 Year Old Lynn

April 28, 2010
Dear Lynn,

At twelve you have no idea what awaits you. That’s why I’m writing this to you, so you can be guided through the next  51 years of your life. You’re going to have lots of bumps along the road so hold on tight and keep on walking. The road is long and winding but the end is worth it.

Hang onto your faith and beliefs, they will get you through the next 51 years.  Be proud of yourself and always stand tall, always believe in yourself. Try to remember that not all people in the universe look the same but they are the same within their souls. God made us all and he made our outside different for a purpose. How boring this world would be if we all looked alike. Always respect others and try not to judge too harshly or not at all.

Unfortunately, we are all human beings with many faults so you will make some unfortunate choices in your life. But know that sometimes the bad makes us appreciate the good. I would tell you of some of those bad choices, but then you would not “learn” the lessons you learned so well.

I would like to tell you to stay away from that first man you married, but if you were to do that, you would never have the first 3 children. And they were your very reason for existing for such a long time. And, of course, those three children had 4 of your fabulous grandchildren, who make the world make sense. But I will tell you to take care of yourself and know that you can not change anyone, only yourself. Others will tell you what you should do, but you have to make the choice yourself. Maybe you could just make it a little sooner!

In life, there are people you meet that influence you as a person. Stay close to those that are good influences. You are sometimes known by your surroundings. I think, all in all, when it comes down to it, you’ve done pretty well, considering. Get ready for deep loves and tremendous heartbreak. I do wish you could see your life from where I am, but that is impossible. That’s why I’m writing this letter.

You can change history by changing your choices, but if that happens you lose a lot of what makes you who you are. So, I’ll not tell you to do things differently. I’ll just tell you to be a strong, faithful, considerate, truthful woman. Do not waver when others do, stay on the path, do not let go of your dreams. And remember my favorite quote - “If you believe it, you can achieve it“.

Please visit Pink Moss and participate in her project - "In My Daughter's Eyes". Write your 12 year old self a letter - it will free your spirit I guarantee!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Perfect Day at the Park

Long weekend here. Sewing, painting, sewing, painting, birthday party. Sunday we all went to the park to celebrate one of my granddaughter's ninth birthday! I enjoyed the park so much. I don't even know when I went to the park last. It was a perfect day - sun shining, not too hot, wonderful breeze, and grandchildren all around me.

And all but one child of mine at the park to enjoy what God has given us - a beautiful world full of wonder. So many people there Sunday enjoying family time. We ate pizza and chocolate cupcakes! It tastes lots better outside at the park. I think I'd like to go to the park more, now that I've finally gotten myself out of the house for something other than work.
It was a relaxing day - until I got home to the painting. But while at the park with my family, I forgot all of that, just enjoyed the moment.

We walked down by the water and watched the ducks talk to each other and interact. Took lots of pictures of nothing important. But I think that's what I enjoyed most. I think the ducks were talking, you could see them moving their little beaks and squalking at each other. I wonder what they were saying. Probably, look at these people staring at us. Why do you think they want to take pictures of us?

The end of a perfect day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Next Chapter of My Life

Today is Wednesday and it is the second day at home for me. I went to the shop today (the new people are moving in) and I must say, I was a little sad when I saw other people's items there not sugarbump's. But I have plenty to do at the house, let me tell you. Everything that was left at the shop is now at my home!! I am overwhelmed by it all.

I will be going to Mississippi Market in June to wholesale some of my wares. I'm just a little scared about it but will make it I'm sure. I am wholesaling, shower wraps monogrammed or not, appliqued letter towels, diaper covers, bibs, monogrammed hand towels, key fobs and luggage tags. I will place pictures here as I get my samples ready. The towel wraps are so cute with fabric down front and around bottom of the wrap, then monogrammed with one letter, if desired.

To the right is a new applique for summer. I do the name shirts a lot and enjoy doing them. I will be doing some appliqued shirts and onesies to sell on my facebook page: Check me out there. Facebook is a great way to get the word out about your craft or business. Plus you find many friends there. I have reconnected with so many friends from high school. It has been a real blessing for me.

Also, I've joined the BlogFrog Community. You should check it out if you have a blog. Again, a great way to communicate with other people. All kinds of discussions and information among many smart women.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Fat Lady's Singing

The day has come for sugarbump's to close the doors. And today is the last day open to the public. Seems bittersweet. I have loved my shop for the last 5 years, something I've always wanted throughout my life. I just waited too long to do it. If I have any words of wisdom to the young, it's live your life and do the things that make you happy. If you have a dream, don't keep putting it off - do it. Step out on faith, then give it your all. That's my only regret - I put off my dream too long.

Even though my shop is closing, I will continue to create from home. It is built into me, I can't get rid of it, nor do I want to get rid of it. When I am making something, especially for a child, I'm the happiest. Plus, I have enough fabric to clothe the children of the world. I believe that if God gives you a talent, it's your responsibility to share it with the world. Not all may appreciate it, but it is what you're born to do, you will be driven to do it.
Goodbye, sweet shop, I'll miss you and all the people that have come through your doors. They all have become my friends. I've watched new moms with their new babies and those babies are now 5. They all like to come to sugarbump's. We always treat you like family.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's All Over But the Shoutin'

Well, it won't be long and I will be going to the house. I'm actually excited to be able to do this. I've still got irons in the fire, so I won't stop creating. I'll be going to Mississippi Market in June with a few things that I'll be wholesaling to shops. That should keep me busy for a while. When I get my samples done I'll post pics and see what you think of them.

I want to thank the few people I have as followers now. I have wondered for a long time whether to keep up a blog but thanks to Facebook, I think I have finally been recognized. Oh, I'm definitely not in the class with most of these artists, but I do enjoy the little things that I do. Hope I'll be able to do it for quite some time to come.

Tomorrow is Easter, and I think of what a sacrifice was made for me so long ago that I may have eternal life with my Father. As we grow older we seem to hold on a little tighter to all around us. But I know one day I will be walking those streets of gold and singing praises to the Lord. What a great time that will be!