Friday, May 21, 2010

LOVE Japanese Books

I got a new book today that I have been waiting on for a week. And it has not disappointed me at all. This book is so wonderful. I wish you knew how it makes me feel. The colors, the stitches, the pictures just are so inspiring. I want to make everything in the book! Will I? I don't know! But I will certainly try. Why are the Japanese so good at this? And why can they not write these books in English? I know they know English, there are even some English words in the book. But their diagrams are so good, you really don't need words.

Maybe I'll just make up my own words. Or learn Japanese. Doesn't matter, I will get these patterns one way or another. Such a beautiful book. I used to own a printing company, so I really look at the colors and the print critically, and I must say the Japanese have got it down pat. Are those shoes just about the cutest things you've ever seen? I will definitely be making these. And I really love the afghan.
Don't you love those linens? This is certainly on my to-do list. Lovely! Who could resist these? Not me for sure. All I can tell you is the ISBN number.
The number is  ISBN978-4-07-268091-9. So, if these pictures have tempted you at all look for this ISBN number. I got mine off Etsy. I've got to get off this computer so I can study my new book.

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