Friday, May 7, 2010

Time In A Bottle

It's finally Friday! I Think! Since I've been at home I've lost all track of time. One day blends into another, I can't keep up with the date. Maybe I'll get used to this soon, I don't know. Plus, I don't know how to be at home. I mean, I've not been at home in a lot of years. I'm 63 and I've worked most of my life, so here I am at home, trying to figure out a schedule. How do you do that? Someone tell me, please.

Just finished one more little appliqued name top and bloomers. I think it's pretty cute, don't you? Looks like I'll be making lots of these. I've had lots of requests for them. And, of course, the appliqued name shirts, which I've doing for about 5 years now. I really thought every child in Tupelo, Mississippi had an appliqued name shirt, but I must be wrong. I just keep doing them. I actually enjoy it, though, so it's okay.

You know, as you get older, you tend to reflect on your life and how you got where you are more and more. Well, I haven't figured out how I got here, yet. I mean, I went to sleep at 25 and woke up at 63. At least, that's the way it feels sometime. I just can't believe so much time has gone by and my children have children. My oldest will be 43 this year. My youngest is 33. I have two in the middle: Buster, who will be 41 tomorrow and Terri Melissa, who will be 39 in July. How did that happen? I'm telling you, watch it, because once you have children and they get in school, time becomes like a jet plane. And you'll wake up one day and all of the years you meant to do this or that are gone. I wish I could put time in a bottle and put a cork on it. Enough of that.

Believe I'll get ready for bed and read for a while. That seems like a great idea. Then tomorrow I'll think about the schedule thing.


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