Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today is Terrific Tuesday. So I am going to tell you what terrific happened to me. My sister-in-law visited me today. Her first visit since her husband, my brother, was killed in March. It's been hard for us all, but her visit made me feel so much better. So, that's the first "terrific" thing that happened.

Also, today my daughter went to the dermatologist about a mole and good news it's okay. I was worried about it because the first doctor told her it had 3 characteristics of melanoma. They "shaved" it off and sent it off, but her doctor says it looks fine. Very glad about that news.

Thirdly, I went to Heirlooms Forever, and they had just gotten in some new Michael Miller fabric by Sandi Henderson. Of course, I bought some. It is lovely. When I get something made with it, I will post it. No picture of the fabric, alas. It's still in the car, as I have brought home too much fabric lately. It will come in tomorrow while my Robert is at work. Poor man, he has no idea.

That's about it, besides just being a terrific day. So, tell me about yours. Link up and let us hear about your "Terrific Tuesday".

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