Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - But I Have a Few Words to Say!

Before I get into the Wordless Wednesday pictures, need to share something with you. I have a cat named Miranda Lambert. Now, I love this cat, never thought I'd love a cat like this, and she's an inside cat, something I've never had - an indoor animal. Well, Monday I went outside to clean her litter box, then went back in fixed her food and water, then went about my business. Hours later, Robert comes home, says, "where's Miranda?" I say, I don't know, haven't seen her in a while, look in her bedroom and see if she is asleep (yes she has claimed a bedroom). So, I think, OH NO!!! What if she slipped out this morning while I was cleaning her litter box? I thought I shut the door but, then I think, well, it wasn't all the way closed, but surely she could not have opened it and got by me. We search the house over calling her. NOTHING! I'm in a panic now. So here I go outside with her food bag, shaking it and calling her. She doesn't come. So I'm walking up the street, crying, shaking a cat food bag, hollering MIRANDA LAMBERT WHERE ARE YOU? I MEAN IT,  GET YOUR TAIL HOME RIGHT NOW! I am now officially the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood I am sure. I stopped and thought, " My God, I'm walking all over the neighborhood, crying over a cat. I've lost it.
Well, we did find her under the work shop. I got her out by shaking the food bag. I must have been a pretty sight, searching for Miranda Lambert! Okay now for Wordless Wednesdays.

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