Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beating the Heat with Sewing

Though I've been absent most of July, I have been accomplishing a few things. Despite the heat, I've managed to sew some new items for sugarbumps creations on Etsy. Plus, I'm getting ready for Canton Flea Market in October, a HUGE market for handcrafted items, as well as many other things. I'm excited about going, and nervous about how much to make, considering how many people go through there in one day!
 This style of peasant dress is so simple, but I think is very comfortable for your child to wear. Wish I could wear them, but unfortunately I'd just look like an older woman wearing a mumu. I don't think I like that look.

Then, I've been working on sugarbumps baby bottoms. I think these are so cute. Want a pair? No, I can't make them for a size 14 woman, but I wish. I'm doing different fabrics on these. This one is minky dot. I'll be doing some in chenille, as well as just regular cotton fabric with ruffles or appliques. These are super easy and quick to do, so I'm hoping I can do lots and lots.

This is an item I'm making that I just love.  Why do baby gowns have to be white or pink or blue. Why not fashionable and funky? So this is my newest item at sugarbumps creations. Fun baby gowns. How cute is that? Lots more coming. And I'm doing some appliqued onesies and t-shirts. Haven't got pictures, yet, but I'll have some later in the week.

Stay inside and keep cool! Sew and create while the heat is blazing! It's a great way to keep busy and stay creative. My sewing room is my therapy! And believe me I need it! Hope the rest of the week is good for everyone.


Liz said...

I can't believe you are in Tupelo! I'm in Memphis! And these dresses are darling! I'm visiting your etsy shop now!!

Lynnie said...

Thank you very much. I have much more to get finished, to add to my etsy store.