Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Appliques

Today I've been working on some new appliques for my Etsy shop. I love Christmas, and this will be my first year at home for the holiday. Normally, I'm at work at my shop. Now, my shop is in my home. I'll be able to make goodies and handmade gifts this year. I'm excited. Making the appliques has got me into a sewing for Christmas mood. Here are the first few appliques I have made.

How do you like these? I've got some more to work on tomorrow. Then I'll work on my Christmas clothing I'll list on Etsy. Check my shop out when you get a chance.
Have a great week and come back soon!


GingerLouise Clothing said...

hi there love all your posts,, the bible verse has been really powerful in my life:) love the appliques and the hummingbird photo xo

Lynnie said...

Thank you so much. Things are getting better for me.