Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reunion for the Class of 1964

This past weekend, my graduating class of 1964 had a get together at a local restaurant, Vanelli's. This is our second one to do. We don't really call it a reunion, because we just get together and have fun. Most all of it was planned and done on Facebook and word of mouth. I'll share a few photos.
Friendships! We sometimes take these for granted. But this past weekend brought it all back to me. Friends grow older and sometimes weaker, but friendships grow older and stronger. So many people in one place, all talking, laughing, remembering. How can it get any better. My heart was lifted so far above my head. These people who I met so many years ago, are truly still wonderful and special. Always cherish your friends, as they will help you in times of trouble and laugh with you in the good times. Sometime words are  not necessary with friends. Maybe just a hand to hold, eyes to look into, tears to share. God is in the making of friends, and He keeps us bound even through time. As we get older, I think we realize more and more what these people in our life mean. And they become more important to us. If you have someone in your life like these people, don't fail to reach out and tell them what they mean to you. Don't put it off until tomorrow, do it now. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, we must live the day as if it were our last. Love your friends, laugh with your friends.

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