Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Am I and When Did I Leave?

Today in the grocery store, I found myself staring at the shelves of food, wondering how to make shoepeg corn casserole. I've been making shoepeg corn casserole for years and years, but for the life of me all I could think of was shoepeg corn!  And on top of that, I couldn't remember what all I was going to make for Thanksgiving. I just was a blank slate! My mind just wouldn't function. Was it me? Or was it the 5000 people at the grocery store grabbing for food! I knew I had to get out of there! Quick!
 I just threw those flowers in just because I like flowers. It has nothing to do with what I'm writing. But, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, the grocery store. I managed to grab what I thought might go into the casserole, and went to the nearest check-out line. Then I was out of there. That's when it hit me - where am I and when did I leave? I used to be all ready for Thanksgiving, lists made, ingredients in the cabinet. Now, I can't find anything, and for some strange reason, I keep moving things to places that I think will be a good place to remember, than I can't remember where I moved the things. Why did I move them in the first place? They had been in the other spot for 6 months, and I knew where they were. Now I can't find them. And you don't want to see me when I can not find something. I mean, I can not stop looking. I become obsessive about it, like if I don't find it the world will come to an end.

Just one more thing, if you find me, please return me to my husband, and don't tell him where I was. He already has questions about my sanity. Let's not give him anymore fuel.

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