Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over

Wow! Just too hot for June! No telling what July and August will be like here in Mississippi. August usually is our hottest month of the year, with July coming in 2nd. I've been working like crazy on items for customers, getting orders filled. I will be working on some new items coming soon for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some of the custom orders I've done.
I love this turquoise and red fabric and was so glad to finally get to use it.
The Julia longall, I love this pink and gray paisley fabric, don't you?
Bright, colorful cotton knit with a cool appliqued tank - The Lindsey set, capri and tank. I do love the appliqued flower.

The Julia longall again in turquoise, green and brown. Love the paisley ruffle. How about you? I would wear this myself, except I'm a little too old, I think.

The last two for this customer is the Lindsey Peace set - capri and appliqued peace ruffle shirt.

The very last one is the Lindsey Owl set - capri and appliqued owl ruffle shirt.

And, of course, headbands to match all. These are the first three. Three more to go.