Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Pants for Girls in My Etsy Shop

I have been working on some new items for the shop at Etsy, and I want to share some pics with you. These pants are so fun to make, and so comfortable for little girls.
This is the first group of pants.
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This pair didn't get into the first two pictures. All of these are $18 each, a very reasonable price. I use only top quality fabric and all are professionally sewn and serged for reinforcement.

I hope you will hop over to sugarbumps creations on Etsy and check them out.

Also, I have been working on new appliques
Introducing Miss Frankie N. Stein

And Mr. Frank N. Stein
My Pumpkin
Something for the boys
Must have a witch's hat. This one has a clear acrylic crystal attached for a little bling.
And we must have a black cat for "luck".